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Bria McCray

operations assistant

Bria McCray is an ideator, organizer, and culture carrier; those traits, coupled with her strong desire to work alongside impactful female-owned companies, have led her to HumanSide. As HumanSide’s Operations Assistant, Bria is creating new systems that prioritize organization, functionality, and productivity. 


Before joining HumanSide, Bria was a customer success professional for various companies and learned the importance of empathy in building community; she is enthusiastically bringing that empathy to the HumanSide team.


Bria is based in North Carolina where she juggles her time serving her community and enjoying outdoor activities with her feisty preschooler. More specifically, she spends her free time creating items, such as cloth diapers, to donate to those around her. Her goal is to directly impact as many families as she can reach while showing her daughter the importance of community.

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