Culture & Engagement Initiatives

People spend over 25% of their waking hours working and yet people, on average, are increasingly more stressed, dissatisfied, and disengaged in their careers. This does not have to be the case.

Study after study has demonstrated the power of a positive workplace culture and the importance of engaging and investing in employees (both for their well-being and your company’s—it costs way more time and money to lose talent than it does to maintain and develop talent). So let’s focus on creating a workplace culture that people are proud to be a part of, motivated to stay in, and inspired to help shape and maintain. 


We will partner with your company to understand your unique ethos and where you can move the needle to further engage and inspire your people (and likely their outputs!).


We specialize in building customized leadership trainings and team experiences (one day workshop, multiple day event, or offsite retreats) that integrate scientific research with playfulness to create space for your team to reconnect with each other, rediscover what sets them up for success as high performers, and reinvigorate their sense of drive and purpose in the company. By collaborating with your firm, we create engagement strategies that have a measurable impact in increasing employee engagement and retention.


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Clients & Collaborators


HumanSide helped me understand my place in the workplace and every tool I’ve learned from them, I’ve been able to apply to my life.

—Kelly G, 2018 company retreat Participant,
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