Employee Experience Assessment

In our experience, one of the most pressing conversations amongst the “people and ops” teams at companies is how to gather candid feedback from employees.

Even employees are cited stating that they want to work for a firm that “listens” and “cares” about their wellbeing and input. Yet, when feedback is requested, employees often deliver shielded responses. This becomes more true when employees are requested to give feedback regarding important issues of culture, leadership, gender or race. While company leadership could have the best of intentions, employees still have an inkling their potentially “negative” feedback could impact their progression at the company.


At HumanSide, we understand how difficult (and time consuming) this type of data-collection can be and know the value of inviting a third party into the conversation to capture and synthesize these insights.


Our team will work with you to clarify the your goals, customize the data collection process (i.e., interviews, focus groups, etc), and capture and synthesize your employees’ perspective. After listening, we aggregate the feedback to pinpoint the main themes and possibilities for action.


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Clients & Collaborators


After nine hours of conversations with our team, she boiled down the information to the #1 problem at the firm. She nailed it and articulated it well. Her language was not offensive or triggering. She provided a non-judgmental way of framing the problem.

—Franny L, Learning and Development Manager,