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Gina Wessels

Facilitation Partner

Gina is a strategic digital marketing and digital transformation consultant with over 18 years’ global experience across a range of industries including food and beverage, luxury hospitality and travel, airline, restaurant and catering, green coffee, wine, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and telecoms.


Gina has extensive experience helping clients to define and build their marketing strategies as well as developing and delivering digital transformation programs. Clients include Google, Shell, GSK, Estee Lauder, Syngenta and Groupe SEB and Gina has trained over 15,000 people face-to-face and online.

Over the last 12 months Gina has been tasked to develop and deploy two end-to-end global digital marketing learning

programs for Syngenta and Novo Nordisk. Both programs were incredibly well-received and drove tangible business impact

and new ways of working. She also worked as part of a small SME team on programs for Porsche, Colgate Palmolive,

Henkel and Shiseido.

Gina has been a partner of the Google Digital Academy for over 4 years where she delivers a range of digital transformation

labs on behalf of Google for their most prestigious clients. Over the past year, Gina has worked closely with the GDA team

to pivot their F2F offerings into best-in-class virtual learning experiences. She has also recently been invited as one of a handful of selected licensed partners to rollout these programs outside of

Google and has been selected as one of 15 external consultants to join Google’s Master Faculty*.

When not exploring the fascinating landscape of digital marketing Gina enjoys cooking, walking in the countryside around her home and riding her Irish hunter horse. Jagermeister has played an important role in Gina’s life to date: she met her husband over a ‘fliegender hirsch’ in St.Anton, Austria!

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