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Human-Centered Experience Design

We’ve all attended gatherings that offer the basic experience of sitting at round tables engaging in familiar conversations and listening to a keynote in a ginormous room that echoes.

We appreciate the benefit of these convenings: networking, learning nascent concepts in our industries, and all that swag. But at the same time, we acknowledge and believe deeply that too often there is unaccessed creativity and untapped connections.


HumanSide designs, facilitates, and produces engaging and unforgettable human-centered experiences that infuse our academic understanding of human connection, our playful improv techniques, and proven engagement strategies to bring the best out of everyone in the room.


We’ve produced, consulted, moderated, and hosted events ranging from conferences, company retreats, networking events,  and panels to adult summer camps. We curate each engagement down to the most minute details to ensure that every aspect of your event points toward your desired goals for attendees and an overall unforgettable experience.

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Clients & Collaborators



When we were first launching CityAwake, much of the work was done by a team of volunteers, but there was no one person who was owning the organization and execution of experience design. I was lucky to connect with HumanSide and work with their team to help take our vision and make it happen. We invited HumanSide to custom design our first adult summer camp, which was a pillar of our millennial engagement strategy. Their deep understanding of our goals, our audience plus the science of bringing people together and empowering them was very unique. Their team ultimately created and implemented unforgettable experiences for our community.

—Justin Kang, CityAwake, 3 year partnership

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