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Katie Greenman

Founding Partner

Katie Greenman, M.A., CEO, is a entrepreneurial social connection scientist who is driven by her passion for human growth and social connection. As a facilitator, translational researcher, experiential program designer, and master collaborator she has led hundreds of workshops for students, young professionals, executives and entrepreneurs from the University halls to the United Nations, from teepees on mountains to teams on Capitol Hill. Born and raised in the Florida Keys, Katie is based in the Boston area and holds a coaching certification, comedy school diploma, and bachelor and master’s degree from Tufts University’s Eliot-Pearson Department of Human Development where she focused on social connection and leadership effectiveness.


Katie believes that connection between people is one of the biggest unmet needs of society today and her career focuses on bringing people together, activating that collective potential, and most importantly educating others on how to do this ourselves. For her, it is all about embracing humanness, catalyzing meaningful connections, and filling life with more generosity, levity, and empathy.


Katie previously served as the Research Coordinator for Nexus Global, Board of Directors for Challenge Day and has published and co-published several articles on promoting leadership, generosity, and healthy team culture. Past clients and projects include:  The United Nations, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Accenture, Bullhorn, Acquia, Oath, City Awake, Nexus Global, The National 4-H Council and more.

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