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Your company is only as strong as the individuals in them. You already know that. You also know that the best way to keep your company at the cutting edge of your industry is by investing in the abilities of your people.

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While demonstrating skill proficiencies may have been what got many people through the door, it is how they showed up, contributed, and grew that has likely kept them in your company. The “soft-skills” of how to navigate rapidly changing environments and diverse cultures are equally as important, yet often left to the wayside.


HumanSide offers leadership development, professional development, and performance enhancement curriculums that focus on strengthening the social, emotional, and cultural intelligences of your team.


From “fostering a growth mindset” to “giving and receiving feedback”, HumanSide covers the foundational skills every person needs to succeed in the workplace. Often offered in a series of two-hour workshops, HumanSide partners with you to determine how to best develop the talent and leadership in your company.



  • Example Topics for All Employees: 

    • Imposter Syndrome

    • Growth Mindset

    • Unconscious Bias

    • Effective Communication

    • Navigating Tension (Conflict Transformation)

    • Understanding Your Communication & Collaboration Style

    • Time & Stress Management

  • Manager Trainings:

    • Understanding Your Leadership Style (for Managers)

    • Coaching & Strength Based Leadership (for Managers)

    • Leading Group Culture (for Managers)

    • Fostering Innovation & Creativity

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Clients & Collaborators


Humanside brought an energizing and engaging perspective to our growing company's team of managers. HumanSide provided me with a great set of ideas to help my team succeed.

—Joe, M, engineering Manager, Boston