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Marielle Claire

Graphic Design + Scribe

Marielle Claire is the founder and lead designer at Tributary Design,  branding and design studio based in Portland, OR. 


Where Marielle looked, she saw design. Always and everywhere. The right framing, the perfect lighting, typography that talked back, colors to complement, patterns to play with. Naturally fascinated by this potential in the world, she studied anthropology, traveled to 31 countries, lived in 4. At the start of her career, she worked in public relations, designing this or photographing that for friends and startups in the spare hours that would eventually fill her days.

During Marielle's years as an independent designer, she applied her purpose to other's missions. She developed a deep understanding of the founder's journey and what they needed to bring ideas to life, on the screen and into customers' hands. Guiding people through the branding process meant working to solve creative problems with strategy and clear business hurdles creatively. Bringing both sides together, Marielle launched Tributary Design Studio in 2019 to offer thoughtful, full-service branding to purpose-driven companies.

Her spare hours are now spent designing cards, curating gifts for loved ones, and redecorating the yard, home, and Airstream she shares with her partner and their dog, Tilly.

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