Peer to Peer Business Coaching

Let’s say you have an idea. Maybe your idea is to go out on your own and start a business.

Maybe you have content you think people would benefit from and want to organize it into a program. Maybe you have a business already and want to catapult it to that next level. Just thinking about this is energizing for you. No matter how exciting your idea, lofty the vision, or complicated the project, HumanSide would love to build with you.


Our founder started HumanSide when she was a newly minted graduate student and there is nothing that she understands more deeply than the loneliness of doing it on your own.


Because of this, we stick to our roots and offer leadership or business coaching for small business owners, social entrepreneurs, and community activists choosing to take the uncommon path. We will collaborate with you one-on-one to discover your “blind spots” and advise you on how you can take your idea to the next level.


Sound interesting? Let's connect! 

Clients & Collaborators


I am struggling with so much growth so fast and it’s incredibly valuable to bounce ideas off the HumanSide team. I work with them because I want to be open and I want to grow, and that’s what HumanSide offers.

—Toni LoPresti