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Every engagement and company has different needs. We deliver trainings, facilitate retreats, implement engagement initiatives, co-create live events, train leaders, and so much more.


While every team we work with has its own unique needs, goals, and parameters, the typical process of working with us looks like this: 

What we do

How we do it


Culture & Engagement Initiatives


Leadership Development Training


Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives


Employee Experience Assessment


Human-Centered Event Design


Peer to Peer Business Coaching


Corporate Virtual Retreats


Let’s connect. In our first session, we’ll meet with you, your company’s leadership or company delegation to explore the overall goals, driving pain-points, ambitious vision, or ambiguous idea to help clarify the possibilities and limitations for us working together.


Let’s go deeper. Depending on your goals and access, we’ll encourage deeper learning by some form of listening sessions (interviews, focus groups, survey) with company employees to gain deeper understanding of firm ethos, employee experience, and both visible and invisible factors that help inform the unique design of this experience and the best approach for long-lasting impact.


Let’s design this. Working closely with your company leadership and/or delegation, we will finalize a strategy and experience design aimed to knock the socks off every participant and achieve your goals.


It’s usually go time. With design and logistics solidified, it’s time to deliver or debut your unforgettable, uniquely designed, and human-centered experience (retreat, training, workshop, new processes, etc.).


Depending on the scope, we will stick around to assess impact, integrate learnings, troubleshoot integrations, or build off momentum- this isn’t always necessary but we want you to know that we are here for lasting positive impact and are available to achieve that impact at the highest and longest levels desired.


“I loved HumanSide’s energy—the team was inspiring and engaging and fantastic speakers and facilitators. I also really appreciated some of the practical examples they included. Overall, I thought this workshop was incredibly powerful and practical—for both my career and personal life.” 

—Tracy M. Workshop attendee

Let’s Connect!

Whether you are simply trying to get to know us, have a project, have just the beginning of an idea or want to understand us better, we looking forward to connecting with you.

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