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Susan Nash

facilitation partner

 Susan Nash is the owner of EM-Power, a consulting firm which provides organizational development and training services to help businesses achieve results through optimization of its people resources. EM-Power has been in business for over 20 years. Currently, Susan is the author of 11 books: Flawless Facilitation (2019), Fundamentals of Whole Type (2015). Type Trilogy Card Set and Guidebook (2013) Contextual Coaching (2011), Let’s Split the Difference (2009) Teamwork from the Inside Out Field Book (2003) and Turning Team Performance Inside Out (1999) (plus Dating, Mating and Relating (2000). Other books include Starting and Running a Successful Consultancy Practice (2008), Deliver Outstanding Service (2001) and Delighting your Customer (2001). Susan’s Trainer Certification Program (a six-month intense professional development workshop for all adidas internal learning and development team members) recently won a Branden Hall Gold Award in the Certification Programs category. Susan specializes in designing and delivering customized leadership development workshops for organizations, developing targeted programs and processes for raising facilitation and coaching effectiveness, writing Training Guides to explain content and process, and running Train-the-Trainer sessions to enable global delivery of workshops by internal resources.


Susan works with small, medium, and large organizations; her clients include Google, Adidas, Converse, Oracle, and many more.

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