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HumanSide, Inc. is an experiential culture building &
leadership development firm.


Positioned as a strategic partner, HumanSide works deeply and exclusively with companies committed to creating a workplace culture where their teams (and all of the humans within them) are set up for success on every level. We bridge expertise in human development, organizational psychology, experiential learning styles, interactive facilitation and improvisational leadership techniques. Through customized leadership trainings, team-building experiences, and culture-strengthening strategies, HumanSide helps companies identify and embody their guiding values while equipping their leaders and teams to be equally accountable for a culture of high performance and innovation.

We pride ourselves on making sure that everything we do is empowering, engaging,

and has a lasting impact.

What sets HumanSide apart


It's science-driven

We root our work in the most relevant and recent scientific research and experience-based wisdom to inform and enhance our ability to have the greatest impact understanding of what it means to be human.


It’s all-inclusive

We truly believe every human is inherently valuable and we respect, celebrate, and learn from the diversity of experience and perspective each team brings to the collaboration.


It's a co-creation

You know your people and business better than us. We can’t succeed without your help so we’ll collaborate and co-create a partnership to ensure the most fresh, meaningful, and effective engagement.


It's levity-infused

This work is meaningful and often difficult—that doesn't mean it needs to be unenjoyable. We infuse each engagement with levity and joy to ensure each experience is both impactful and enjoyable.

“HumanSide cuts straight to what is meaningful and facilitates activities to connect you with others in a way that creates space for learning; you have conversations you normally wouldn’t have.”

—Mike Heiss, LevelUp

Our clients:

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Interested in working together?

Get in touch and we’ll reach out with some information!

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